Strategies for sports betting with minimal risk


It should be understood that no one can make a forecast with a 100% probability of passing. If this is indeed a prediction and not insider information, there will always be a risk that the 1.02 favorite will draw or even lose.
Losses are an integral part of the activity of any better. Even experienced cappers have black lines.
Nevertheless, there are a number of standard strategies that allow you not to go into the red in the long run and reduce the chance of losing in the short run.
Below I will analyze for you the key features of low-risk strategies that even professionals regularly use.
1. Betting on multiple individual draws or draws in a 2 out of 5 / 3 out of 5 system
2. Betting on a well-defined portion of the pot with an odds ceiling
3. Betting on strong home teams
4. Strategy “Safety”
(This approach focuses on bets at minimum odds and additional conditions.)
5. Bets on the results of the “zero” first half in football and some other team sports

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